Thursday, April 29, 2010


In 2004, on instruction from the City of Bossier City, the U.L. Coleman Company contracted with the Louisiana State University Shreveport Center for Business and Economic Research, for an Economic Impact Study relative to the Walker Place Development.

Of special note is that the study focused only on the original 24.8 acres of the Walker Place Development. The economic impact of just the 24,8 acres over a ten year period was estimated at $500,000,000.

The last paragraph of page ii states:

"The cumulative revenues expected to be received by Bossier City during the five-year construction of the multi-purpose development are expected to be $261,289,136."

If the Bossier City Council had not derailed the Walker Place Development over a lone curb cut in August, 2006, Bossier City would be nearing revenues of $261Million+.

How could $261 Million have benefitted Bossier City? For starters, more police officers, more life-saving paramedic fire fighters, lower taxes....[Sigh]

The full text of the Economic Impact study is HERE.


  1. I'd like to take a look at the study, but the link doesn't work.

  2. Mr. Sadow,
    We don't know why the link isn't working for you. We checked both links to the Study, and they are working fine. If you continue to have trouble, just email us and we can send you the link via that method.