Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to Put Up or Shut Up

It is amazing how a simple little blog can create such epic angst among those who subscribe to the philosophy that elected officials are always right, always working for the betterment of the constituents they serve, and can always be counted upon to put the needs of citizens above their own political agenda.

Those who put such blind faith in elected officials would be well served by heeding the words of Thomas Jefferson:
"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree."
--Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIV, 1782. ME 2:207
Over the past few weeks, this blog site has heard complaints about not being "fair", not being "accurate", and not being truthful. Strangely, those objecting to this blog's content seem abjectly repulsed at the thought of actually presenting whatever evidence they have to support their claims.

This blog has gone to great lengths to present factual data, and has openly invited anyone to present any evidence they possess which refutes any of the information which has been presented in the blog.

So, here is yet another invitation. If anyone has evidence which disputes the accuracy of the data contained in any post of this blog, please present it. If we are wrong, we will make the necessary corrections.

The critics of this blog can choose to man-up (or woman-up) and debate us on the substance of the issue of the Walker Place Development. Or, the critics can refuse to present their evidence, refuse to debate us on the facts, and continue their own self-deception which insulates them from the grim task of dealing with the ugly reality of truth, choosing instead, to engage in vague innuendo, nebulous accusations, and anger bordering on hysteria.

It is the anger that is most disconcerting, for it seems that in the minds of some, the First Amendment is only applicable when the words are those with which they agree.

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  1. They must have re-thought their position and decided that they agree with you.